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About us

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City Bakery was established in 1925 by the late Mr. V.S.Prabhu and the firm The City Biscuit Works also came into being at the same time. Mr. V.S. Prabhu always had ideas and thoughts which were ahead of time and with his vision, soon popularised his small bakery – so much so, that he was popularly known as “Biscuita Vasudevu” (Biscuit Vasudev).

Being a man with an innovative streak, he mastered the art of making a butter rusk product known popularly as Benne Butter. This item was a roaring success and to date, it is very popular as something to crunch on anytime as a light snack to go with Tea, coffee etc. It has a unique blend of crispy creaminess and is ideal for dunking into your cup of tea.

City Bakery has become internationally known for its signature item, the evergreen Cashew Macaroon & Butter Rusk (Bennae Butter). This crunchy treat (Cashew Macaroon)is like a Kaju and sugar biscuit with a unique irresistible flavour and is our premium product.


“Your bennae butter is the best product for kids and adults a like.”

Radhika, Mumbai

“The Quaity of Cashew Macaroon is awesome , it is simply irresistable”

M.P.Mallya, Spar Market